Sunday, August 4, 2013

Happy Friendship's Day

Today the 4th of August 2013,
I, Verun Jindall... Under the Section 10(Friendship) of People Court... Have been asked to be your friend for life...

Before I wish you Happy Friendship's Day... Would take a moment to say a few things...

Thank You for Always Being there... As I am a good person...
Sorry Incase I hurt you... As I am always vocal on things I don't like n like n go overboard...
Remember I was always there... In form of your Heartbeat... Check karlo chalu hai na... Nahi toh koi tension call karo...

Happy Friendship's Day...

Orginally Written by VJ...

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Importance of 4th July in my life...

July 4th use to alway be a very important date in my life... Since I went to school... It use to be a celebration of my friends since cooper days...
MCET: Jehaan Irani - He is one of the only reason I remember this day so much... One of my best friends since school days... We haven't meet for almost a decade now but we still in touch on phone and FB... Happy Birthday Jehnu...
SXHS: Priyanka Tewari - She shall pose wherever she see the camera... We became good friends during school n Mehta classes... She is the live wire of the school group with Pooja n Vareen... A very forward looking person... Happy Birthday Shaloo, Pri, Priyanka...
Mehtas: Aditya B - Wish you many many happy returns of the day... Miss those E6 days...
VESIT: Shobhit Bijoor - A very simple person, a good techie n friend... Happy Birthday Shobite...
Weschool: Seema Agarwal Amin - The Doctor of the batch... A very good friend... Happy Birthday Seema...
Salsa: Deepak Yadav - Love pulling his leg... Technical Salsa Dancer and Bindaas Bollywood Rapchik Raunchy Dancer... Hahaha.... Happy Birthday Deeeepak....
Family: My Bro Nikhil Wish you many many happy returns of the day...
To Top it all 4 July 2013... Pankaj buys his new car... Congrats Pooja n Pankaj... Congo PanJa...

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Valentine's Day Message for Punters by Poo...

My Dear Valentines
Pri u nd ur smile ... see d frst thng wen I write is u :) be as strong headed as u r .... nd ur chummi makes ones day 
Pankazzz ur my sweetheart ... u pamper me like my family... ur my heart mwaaaah 
Sajju ur a true Oye Boy Charlie.... ur like a choco frappe coffee :) 
Govss mere bhaai.. wat will I do widout a male counterpart like u :) a true bro figure my jigar ka tukdaa 
Mank my jaan  u nd ur lovely deed for all
Navss mere ladaake dost.... can never give up fighting wid u but can also not give up on u 
Rama .. my sweet clean soul ur a darling  money can be earned but a big heart is always something one is born wid....
Baba Ranjishwar... ur absence is felt wen u taang but u r most admired ones here love u 
Verun my cute little heart wen will u grow up but u know wat ur beauty is ur sweet lil heart so be d way u r
Roh meri jaane jigar meri pyaari doggie love u mwaah mere thark k poojari tu jaan hai
Rah ashiq deewana ... Lord bless u nd Shonaa forever proud to have a lover like u 
Fakru mad boy ... u nd ur bachpan ka pyaar hahaha ... thanks for d love buddy .. glad to find u again 
Manas meree Manas tu aur tere jhakaas dialogues ... Teri shaadi me mai khoob naachungi 
Chot aai tera romance on rakh... line lag jaayegi lambi ... mwaah buddy
Sangee ... sang hojaa ab tu bhi 
Abhi tu kabhi kabhi kyu aataa hai roz aa 
Kedia u nd ur hookah needs to be bak in action 
Juicer ...  tune ek hi muvy me shakal dikhaai kyaa baat hai hum pasand nahee aaye 
Vareen my jaaan tu Toh darling hai.... I swear I wud love to adopt u 

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Memoirs @ Parx Super Car Show 2012

On a chilly Sunday Morning… Woke-Up Early to set my way to INX presents Parx Super Car show 2012 @ Mahalaxmi Race Cource… Got by a train to Mahalaxmi Stn with Anand Bardhan my colleague at CG and walk the talk to the Riding School…

Walking to Mahalaxmi race course reminded me of my childhood, coming with Chahyaji & Bhauji (ie my Nanaji’s Second Eldest Sister). It made me nostalgic!

As soon as you enter the ground, it was all set for a superfantabolous moment, which I shall treasure in life, as it the beginning of it… The Cars, Glamour, Sound of the Engine was too good to see under one roof for the first time.

The only thing which I lacked over here is not carrying my pair of camera, to save the memoirs! But even though I didn’t carry it I was happy as I will keep remembering the same…

We saw the Lamborghini, Porsche, Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Abarth, Aston Martin, SLS AMG, Bentley, Audi, BMW, Jaguar, GR8, Cars from Buddh International circuit and many more cars… They were also cars from the Super Car Club, formed by Gautam Singhania who was also present at the event. The cars came for many cities across India some of them where just out of the showroom 

My other friends, Aditya Naik, Mehul Gada & Apoorva Shah were also present at the event… It courtesy Apoorva Shah that I got a chance to get to know about this event… Thanks Appu!

The fun actually started at around 10 am when the cars were given a flag-off starting with Mr. GS Lamborghini, followed by Lamborghini, the Ferraris, the BMWs, the Rolls Royce, the Bentley, Audi, etc etc… It was fun! The cars just took off to Marine Drive and Later we were able to track them out, on Adi’s bike at Girgum Chowpatty, Malabar Hill to Worli… It was an awesomest experience following and racing along the car on full throttle! Infact people on the road where also removing snaps of us on Adi’s Avenger!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Memoir @ First Job

Today 18th August 2011… I complete one yr!

The past one year has been the most challenging for me on the personal and professional front… They have been good choices I have made and even few bad ones… The most important thing is that I gained experience in doing the same… There have been few friends who have always stood by me in my good and bad times; they have scolded me for the bad decision, esp. the one related to JBIMS… They are also helping me to take some good decision in life too…
The most memorable thing of the last yr on professional front was my last day mail… Like we say, nothing is perfect… even after remembering most of my friends and collegues, I missed a few…
Sharing my last day mail at “Mastek Ltd”… The company which gave a my first professional experience….

Dear Colleagues & Friends,
As being an engineer the most important thing is Control+C to Control+V. Most of the things mentioned in the mails below you might have already read it no. of times... But I would like to steal some moments of your extremely busy life to share my voyage in Mastek...
My official last day in Mastek is over hence I am using my personal id to drop you this mail. I express sincere gratitude to you all for your support over the last 3 years. It may sound cliché, but my experience in Mastek has been an absolute pleasure working as a PMO for RMG and I will cherish the same in the coming years.

1. Special thanks to Khushi Sharma, Ajit Konaje, Rajesh Kumar and Pravinchandra Sheth for being absolutely delightful managers, giving me brilliant and challenging opportunities. These opportunities have provided me the confidence to move into a different career path.
2. Thanks to my Team (Ajit Konaje, Rajesh Kumar, Pravinchandra Sheth, Sachin Kuchinad, Faheem Siddiqui, Sheela Iyer, Mahesh Kalan and Swaroopa Salian). Also the team which is no more with Mastek (Gaurav Khandelwal, Meghana Vaikul, Manjari Palhora & Kalpana Kulkarni). RMG is the best team to be in...
3. Thanks to all the Heads (CIO, CDO, DU Heads, VC Heads, RMG,SG, RC, HR, OPG, IIS, Sales, GPMO, IR, TIS, AssetMgmt, Information Security, Tech Cell, Travel, F&L, Admin and all the other CF Heads).
4. All the Account Managers \ GSMs \ PMs \ PMOs across Mastek.
5. Thanks to all the Teams (SG, RC, HR, OPG, IIS, L&D, GPMO, IR, TIS, Information Security, Tech Cell, Sales, Travel, F&L and Admin).
MSG Team (Sunil, Vini & Dhara)
RC Team (Girish, Raju & Team)
HR Team (Supriya, Payal, Divya, Annie, Vani, Sharvari & Harish)
OPG Team (Rahul, Jayesh, Santosh, Ida & Ami)
IIS Team (Chetan, Niraj, Neha, Sapnaa, Leena, Monica, Asit, Swati, Kulwant, Nivedita, Prashant, Sandeep & Sanjeev)
Training Cell (Madhavi, Khushi, Joel, Pravin & Rajeshri)
GPMO Team (Pai, Neha, Hemlata, Rajiv, Ketul & Lalita)
Delivery & Corporate Unit PMO (Mayur, Sandhya, Srikala, Foram, Maria, Satish, Vaibhav, Vilas, Abhijeet, Amita, Saurabh, Prateeksha, Kamal, Ankit, Deepti, Priyanka)
IS In-charge (Mahesh, Rajendra)
IR (Manoj, Arvind & Pranjal)
Tech Cell(Raju Lalvani, Chandrakant Deshmukh)
TIS (Leslie, Zaheer, Prashik, Abhijit, Muzaffar, Jeetendra, Umesh Singh, Mahavir)
F&L / Admin (Mabel, Sameer, Kishor, Nisha, Naresh, Pooja, Joeshphine, Amruta, Deewan, Ramesh, Mallikarjun )

6. Some important members, whom I don’t want to miss...

October 31 Batch... (Akshatha, Ashish, Dipak, Prathamesh, Vikram and others who have already left)
Pravesh Group (Annuja, Divya, Gaurav, Jitendra, Kiran, Prateeksha, Pratibha, Raghav, Reema, Rohit, Sheetal, Shrikant, Snehal, Vaibhav)
Other Friends (Abhishek, Bhushan, Kekin, Neesha, Santosh, Savita and Prajot). The ones I knew before joining Mastek.
Expedia, Hotels, NIC (DJ, Rajiv, Prasad, Murali, Swapneel, Nikhil, Harish, Tanushree, Ritu, Umesh, Pratik, Sagar, Vivekanand)
“Vile Parle” Bus group, Mahape never seemed too far because of you guys. Will remember all the memories I have with each one of you... Abhijit, Amit, Ankeet, Ankit, Anupama, Archana, Ashaya, Ashwini, Aditee, Devendra, Dhaval, Harish, Kushboo, Mitali, Namrata, Narendra, Nikhil3, Rahul2, Rupali, Sagar, Sahil, Sruthi, Samved, Swapna, Trevor & Vikram.
“Dadar Bus” Group, This is a shorter journey but will cherish the moments we shared... Pooja, Mabel, Simon, Sareena, Anurag, Bharat, Chirag, Prashik, Samridhi, Swapneel, Varsha.
Everyone, with whom I have interacted in Mastek.

I hope I have not missed anyone. Any mistakes, made by please forgive me. All the best to all of you! Take Care... Please keep in touch on # 98XXXXXX15 or drop a mail on or (Available on Social Networks Orkut, Facebook, Linked In & Twitter) hope to connect with you all soon!

The world is small place & I hope we meet again. Adieu.

Verun Yeti Jindall

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Year on Year, I use to wish my father "Happy Father's Day"... But this year I couldnt wish him as he not there with me... Dad, Wish you a happy father's day... Miss You... 

Friday, May 20, 2011

My Faviourite Poem... Leisure...

As this blog is all about my memory and special moments in life... This is one of my most favourite poems, its "Leisure... By William Henry"

What is this life if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare.

No time to stand beneath the boughs
And stare as long as sheep or cows.

No time to see, when woods we pass,
Where squirrels hide their nuts in grass.

No time to see, in broad daylight,
Streams full of stars, like skies at night.

No time to turn at Beauty's glance,
And watch her feet, how they can dance.

No time to wait till her mouth can
Enrich that smile her eyes began.

A poor life this is if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare.